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Premium UK English Poppy Seeds **12/14 New Lot!**

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New Lot 12/6/21


These are the BEST seeds on the market! Guaranteed

These superior poppy seeds are ideal for planting, cooking and in some cases cosmetic use. 

Nutritional Benefits

Poppy seeds have many health benefits that include being a hearth healthy choice and can decrease levels of bad cholesterol. Eating poppy seeds and including them in your dishes can benefit your cognitive health due to the high levels of B vitamins it contains.  Poppy seeds also contain other minerals such as calcium and iron which can both promote stronger bones and help your muscles store oxygen. Poppy seeds pack a surprising punch of nutritional benefits that increase levels of fiber and antioxidants in any dish. Poppy seeds contain large amounts of minerals such as:

  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

These specific nutrients can produce healthy skin and red blood cells. Zinc specifically can protect your immune system and fight off bacteria that can hurt the body. Since poppy seeds are high in fiber, this aids in digestion and ensures you’ll stay full for hours without needing to grab unhealthy snacks in between meals. 


Waring: Poppy Seeds may contain opiate alkaloid residue. Adequate cleaning of the seeds can remove most opioid residue. Clean seeds by thoroughly washing them in very hot liquid (≥140°F) disposing of the liquid, and baking the seeds at 400°F to dry. Do not ingest poppy seed wash or liquid made from washing the poppy seeds; its ingestion is dangerous and may be fatal. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
FDA Disclaimer: The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not specifically intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Michael Swift
Quality and service!

Antony and crew are by far the BEST in the bakery business! Not only is the quality superior, my customers who only consume Kosher products for their weddings, rave about it too! I could go on and write and encyclopedia, but just the 5...FIVE stars says it all. One added note, for any of you upset with UPS shipping schedules, please be patient, They have endured a LOT of bad bad weather, so there will likely be short delays until spring. Just hang in there, because you are doing business with the best of the best. Thanks Antony and all the crew of FSB.

James Dobson

I know for for a few months things were pretty disappointing. FSB was my first and only place to get my seeds for about 18 months. The lots that came in September And after we're very disappointing. I for the 1st time started shopping Around and ordered from several other places to try to find better and of course less expensive seeds. I was very disappointed until BOOM Jan. 5 , I came back to FSB and couldn't believe my taste.I know things have been crazy but I know I'M HAPPY AGAIN. My only complaint I know it's not FSB's fault is I was in such a jamm I ordered overnight and tracked my package. One extra day it was stuck in the middle of the country because of the weather okay but then I saw it was at the UPS that it's delivered from before a jacket I ordered made it to the same UPS. I was pissed because I got my jacket but not my order from FSB. UPS said it was because of weather again but they didn't know that I had 2 separate packages I was waiting on and they were both at the same UPS. I knew they forgot my package from FSB that I paid 110.00 dollars for shipping. I could of paid for 3 day shipping and saved but I was in the bad jamm. Anyhow everybody I'm leaving this 5 stars because they are. I know I lost money on the shipping but it wasn't FS b's fault. I'm also not saying they're the best ever But they're damn good. Thanks FSB

Not blown away

I've ordered from FSB a couple times before and was pretty impressed. I mainly stuck with another vendor due to the price, even though they weren't as good. I took advantage of the 4lbs for $99 promotion, as my other vendor went way up in price. I'm not not impressed. I think they're probably trying to get rid of some old stock that people weren't happy with (based on reviews). No way what I got is the stuff that arrived mid-December that people have been raving about. While It suits my baking needs and the flavor isn't the worst I've had, the muffins I make with ingredients from my other vendor are way tastier. I have another 4lb bag I ordered before this one on the way as well, and if it's any better, I will happily update this review.

So fast

Well, I procrastinated again over the holidays, waited til NYE at 1030 CST.... With Sat NYD, and Sunday off USPS, I thought so would be lucky to see it on Wednesday. I have been using this stuff for at least 6 years, and have a small back up of old pods and what I thought were worthless seeds, but they are always good to have around. Anyways they came on Monday!!! And I ordered them From from USPS on NYE morning up. The seed gods are with me, but I hate to say that they don't seem to have the same punch as orders in the past, but, you play this game long enough, you get used to it. Cost is getting prohibitive lately, and I have tapered a bunch. Just hope I can make it to the end.

Great Service

Great service. Great seeds and fast shipping. Thank you.